Education Systems in Different Countries Part Two

July 5, 02:45 PM

By Aadya Bansal

Previously we have discussed the education systems in countries like United States, Australia and Canada.

With the help of this blog, we are going to tell you about the education systems in other countries with the most reputed universities like the United Kingdom and Europe. These countries are one of student's favourite picks when looking to apply to universities abroad.

United Kingdom

UK, or the United Kingdom has an extremely different approach to colleges than majority of the institutions all across the world.

The standard levels of education are:

-Early Years Education (3 to 4 year olds can enjoy 15 free hours of nursery education per week stretched over a time period of 38 weeks)

-Primary Education (initial schooling years for children until the age of 11)

-Secondary Education (middle and high school)

-Further Education (the additional courses students opt for and learn)

-Higher education (the education from colleges and universities)

The United Kingdom is home to a few of the top Ivy League Universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh and Warwick University, among many others.

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a UK based organization that aims at making the application process more efficient and hassle-free for students applying to study for an undergraduate degree.

It helps speed up the process of researching as all the information is accessible to students collectively on this website.

All students that wish to apply to universities and colleges In UK (United Kingdom) do so with the help of this website.

FACT- There are numerous universities in UK that cover up courses over a time period of 2 years, instead of the traditional and most common 3 year period of courses in colleges and universities.


The standard levels of education in Germany are as follows:

-Early Years Education (initial years of schooling up until grade 1)

-Primary School (Grades 1-5)

-Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (Grades 5-9 and 10-12)

-Tertiary Education (Higher education from universities and colleges)

Germany is also considered to be one of the top countries to study in due to various reasons and it is home to more than 350,000 international students as per data records from the year 2020.

The schooling system varies throughout Germany because each state is free to decide its own educational policies. So, it is extremely important to be thorough with the specific requirements of the university you are aiming to apply for. Make sure to consider the admission process for the same as it should be one of your primary concerns.

Germany has numerous public as well as private universities, along with separate universities for different interests like academics, applied sciences, art and music.

German universities offer a wide range of courses and have been known for their academic excellence, which is another reason as to why many students apply here.

FACT- Many of the state-funded universities offer low or tuition-free programmes which include undergraduate and many of the master's degree programmes.

This was a brief gist of the education systems in the United Kingdom and Germany, which are both European Countries.

We hope this blog was informative and make sure to check out our other blogs for more about various education systems and all there is to know about universities.

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