Refund Policy

Our refund policy is given under:

You may also seek a refund (for any reason other than a “change of mind”) once you pay for any of our packages and receive a confirmation mail from us. The deadline for raising such an issue with us shall be 7 natural days from receiving our confirmation mail. However, this is subject to you not using our products/services within these 7 days. Once you use our products or services within these 7 days, your payment shall be forfeited by us. Also All such issues are to be raised through E-Mail only. Any other form of communication regarding your claim for refunds shall not be entertained.

In cases where any of our counsellors or mentors or any other authorised members authorised to be in contact with you regarding your package, commits a fault/breach of terms of use or commits any misdemeanour for which you are claiming a refund, we shall refund your payment at our sole discretion after a thorough investigation of the situation. We may choose to refund in this scenario within 120 days (within which we will complete our review/investigation of the situations and circumstances that led to such faults) from the date of your complaint.

You are required to send us all relevant documents and photos or any other material as are necessary for us to complete your application on your behalf with any particular University or Universities (whichever is applicable). Such requirements may differ based on the country of the University you are applying to or for adherence to, particularly applicable guidelines. Your failure to submit relevant documents within the time frame stipulated by us as is necessary for the accurate completion of the application with any University or Universities shall be your responsibility alone. Any loss or damages that may arise due to any non-compliance or for not submitting documents with us within such time frame is your responsibility and we shall not be liable to pay any refunds to you.Furthermore, if you submit documents that have a discrepancy in them which results in rejection of any or all applications made through us, we shall not be liable to pay any refunds to you.

In cases where you submit documents that are either false or incorrect or forged or untrue, we shall not be made liable if such applications are rejected (or any other loss in any manner whatsoever) and all payments already paid for availing our products shall be forfeited.Moreover, you shall be liable to pay the remaining balance, if due, from you for using such services where such discrepancies have been noticed and brought to our attention or identified by us.

If you engage other third-party services for the same products or services that you purchase from us and any kind of delays or rejection of applications to foreign universities or any other loss suffered by you, arising out of such activity or incident, is not our responsibility and All payments made to us shall be forfeited and any dues on your part of our payments shall remain due and payable towards us;In such a case, we shall at our own discretion decide whether or not to move ahead and deliver other services or products that were or may have been booked through our platform by you

All documents (and their authenticity) that are supplied by you for the purposes of completing a successful application to any foreign university shall be verified by you and we should be provided verification confirmation over email only. You must carefully check through all documents before confirming with us. However, if you fail to confirm such documents 7 days prior to the application deadline, your consent will be deemed to have been received automatically.However, such auto-acknowledged consent shall not mean that the information provided by you is verified and true to your knowledge. In such events, rejection of your application(s) shall not be our responsibility. Moreover, we shall not refund any amount already realised from you as part of the package(s) concerned.

If an offer or admit letter is secured and candidate refuses to accept it - no claim of refund is acceptable.

We shall not be obliged to make any changes within 7 days prior to the application deadline if you have not checked or verified the documents attached to our final confirmation mail already, by then.

If you contact our mentors, counsellors (or any other team member for that matter) bypassing our established procedure in an attempt to gain an economical advantage or derive some benefit through our processes without paying for our services; any payment made to us prior to such activities shall be forfeited by us. Moreover, any loss or damages you face due to such illicit arrangements shall be your responsibility alone. We reserve our rights in consonance to our Term’s of Use and its Indemnity clause.

If candidate re-nominates any agency other than us mid way the counselling period cum process - all current processes/engagements are immediately halted and any further requests or any claims in the future would be ignored.

Once counselling process/period has ended - no claim of any kind or no future requests are considered without additional service charges.