Top 5 jobs for international students in Canada

July 8, 02:45 PM

By Rivoo Bagchi

Working as a student is an alluring prospect for many. It is a great way to build working experience, and can provide a suitable source of income for many students to pay their tuition fees or enjoy recreational activities. In Canada, there is a wide variety of employment options for international students, most of which require little to no prior experience. However, a student must also meet the criteria to qualify for a student job. Here are the relevant criteria.

For On Campus Employment

Students must be a full-time student at a tertiary educational institution in Canada, and must possess a social insurance number. A student may no longer work once their full-time studies end or when their study permit expires. On Campus Employment refers only to employment which takes place at the campus where you study - even if your educational institute has more than one campus. Being employed by a private business on your college campus also counts as On Campus Employment

For On Campus Employment

Students may only partake in off-campus employment if they are attending a designated learning institution (DLI), for a degree or certificate which takes longer than six months to achieve. A student may only start working after the official commencement of their studies. A social insurance number is also required in this case

With that out of the way, here are the five best jobs in Canada for international students:

Serving and Bartending

For students who wish to work at night, serving and bartending is a good option. It allows students to earn a minimum wage and tips, and offers some flexibility of scheduling. There is generally no prior experience required and it offers a chance to meet new people. The minimum wage in Canada is around 14 CAD / hour, and tips vary depending on the establishment.


Tutoring fellow students is a good way to earn a bit of cash - while staying familiar with your coursework. Of course, being academically proficient is a prerequisite to enter the tutoring business, but this job generally allows for a lot of flexibility. While most students tutor alone, forming a club or partnership makes it easier to find clients. When tutoring larger groups, making around 20 CAD / hour is reasonable

Driving for Uber / Lyft / Ridesharing apps

Students older than 21 and in possession of a driving license can use ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft to ferry passengers about their local area. Students may make up to 50 CAD per hour during peak traffic periods.

Dog Walker / Babysitter

If you're able to take care of animals and small children, these services can be a good way to make money without much effort. Sometimes it may even be possible to study while working at one of these jobs. However, this kind of work is not suited to everybody's skill set. Around 14 CAD / hour is a reasonable pay.

Intern at a job aligned to your major

While this may be an unpaid role, this could boost your professional aspirations massively. For example, engineering students could try to work for a company like Bosch, where it would be possible to acquire the necessary skills for full-time work following graduation. Unfortunately, due to the work hours of most such jobs, students may find it difficult to incorporate such employment into their schedules. Expect not much more than minimum wage, if at all.

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